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As easy as many of the appliances you use every day. In fact, this thermostat arrives preset with an energy-saving schedule that will fit many lifestyles. Or you can customize the program in only a few minutes. For short-term temperature adjustments, use the up and down arrow keys. And one touch of the daylight savings time key automatically sets ahead or back the time according to the season - no reprogramming required!

• Full seven-day program capability; different schedules and temperature setpoints may be selected for everyday to fit any schedule.
• Copy key makes programming easier and faster
• Daylight Savings Time (DST) key for quick change in and out of Daylight Savings Time.
• Models available with programmable fan operation for added comfort.
• Easy temporary temperature setpoint changes for current period, vacation hold (1 to 255 days) or indefinite hold adds to your comfort and energy savings.
• Frequently used keys are located by the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) for quick and easy access to information.
• Attractive styling complements any decor to the homeowner's delight.
• Back lighting the large display makes the LCD very easy to read.
• Models available with outdoor temperature sensor capability for homeowner convenience. The sensor is also more accurate than a thermometer.
• Configurable features:
— ¡F or ¡C temperature display;
— Automatic or manual changeover;
— Electric or conventional heat fan operation
— Adjustable heating cycle rate.
• Minimum off time for cooling compressors and heat pumps helps protect and extend the equipment life.
• Adaptive Intelligent Recovery™ control brings the room temperature to temperature setpoint at the programmed time, maximizing comfort and energy savings.
• Setpoints are permanently held in memory (no batteries used) and retained during power outages for increased installer and homeowner convenience.
• Power stealing, hardwired and battery powered models available for virtually all equipment and application needs.
• Universal Versaguard™ Thermostat guards available for added security.